Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tales of a family breakfast

This morning Mr. E & I thought we'd take a short ride over to IHOP for some breakfast. I prepared the diaper bag - toys, snacks for the baby to eat (Gerber Puffs), a bottle "just in case" and the usual necessities (diapers,wipes etc...).

Off we went!

We arrived, didn't have to wait for a seat and got the baby settled in his high chair.
I got his toys out, set them up in front of him and we were ready for breakfast!!

At first, Connor was seated in perfect vision of a nearby occupied booth so that he could stare at the couple eating their food. He was such a well-behaved baby - making cute faces at them, occasionally looking at Mommy & Daddy to play with them.... UNTIL......the couple left.

Then Connor became the baby who demanded attention from all of IHOP.

  • He dumped his toys on the floor with one swift swoop of his arm to make anyone nearby stop to pick them up
  • He practiced his very best scream on the top of his lungs (repeatedly...) --he screamed at us, at nearby diners - even at the waiter standing a few feet away who wasn't looking him in hopes that his screams would grab the attention of all people who could hear.
No, he wasn't actually mad and screaming - he was saying

"Attention IHOP, there is a cute baby over here that wants you to look at him".

Oh, Mr E and I couldn't even speak to one another because that meant we were not looking at our dear son...oh, what an interesting breakfast!

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Mary P said...

HAHAHA! He's so smart :-) Must have been such an entertaining breakfast! I know a place where he can get all the attention he wants... :-)