Thursday, April 2, 2009

The waitress that loved my baby

This evening we decided to go to the local diner to grab something to eat for dinner.
We had Connor in the high chair (he's new at it, but we're trying it out) and the waitress kept saying "Oh he's so cute" (of course!!) and other pleasantries...

So, we're getting ready to leave and I pick the baby up out of the high chair and my start to gather other items before walking out. Suddenly, I feel a slight tap on my shoulder and turn around to see the waitress right behind me.

Well, she says "I just have to ask you if I can squeeze him before you leave. He is just too cute and I've been waiting to squeeze him."

I sort of just blankly stared at her for a moment, thinking she was going to squeeze his cheeks, his leg, maybe his stomach... so I start to turn him a little so that he is now facing her.

Well...she didn't squeeze his cheeks -- she TOOK HIM from me and actually held him in her arms and squeezed him. I stood there and stared at her, then over to Mr. E and then back to her before I let out a very awkard laugh... and took the baby back before she ran off with him.

Ok, ok I'm sure she wasn't going to run off with him from her place of business, but it was still weird.

True Story.

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Mary P said...

a little wierd, but how can anyone resist? I had a lady at the bank who was completely drunk try to pick Avery up!! Strange people...