Sunday, February 15, 2009

Baby On Strike.

Do babies go on strike?
I'm sure they do, right?

Well, since the magical weekend of belly to back rolling (IN JANUARY!!!) Connor has only rolled over ONE other time from his belly to his back - and that was just a few days ago. I swear, I would put him on his belly, he'd play and kick his feet, enjoy himself but REFUSE to roll over. He was striking. I am serious - I bet if I did a thorough search of his room I'd find picket signs saying something witty like:
"Babies Don't Roll For The Amusement of Others"

"If you think its so cute, why don't YOU roll?"

"Only SCABS roll over on demand"

This morning I put him on his belly, as I do many, many times throughout the day HOPING he will roll -but it becomes quite evident that he is still on strike. He'll squirm all over the blankets, but will he roll??? NOPE!

After a few minutes he becomes fussy, so we flip him over to his back - and I couldn't believe my eyes...he rolled over! From his back to his belly! (the opposite of what he had done previously!).
I swore it was a fluke, so I put him onto his back again -- and over to his stomach he went!

So....I have come to the conclusion that he rolled over from his belly to his back enough times so that Mommy had enough witnesses (Aunt Kelley, Daddy & Mary) to support her stories -- but quit shortly thereafter so that he had the upper hand.

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