Monday, December 8, 2008

Mom had a sad day...

Every so often the exhaustion builds up and I feel as if I've reached my stress level maximum.
I think that everything just caught up to me -- I work all day, come home try to pack (can't always do so when the baby is fussing!), I'm TIRED!!!!!!! and it just all snowballed on me and I broke down crying.
So, Mr. E took the baby to his moms for a little while so I could take a break - and not have to worry about the baby. (He figured, if the baby was still in the apartment I would still be checking on him...)
Well, I said "Yes, please give me a little bit to relax"... Then as soon as he started packing things up to take the little guy I started crying more -- I FELT GUILTY!!!!!

How could I want him to take the baby out of our home?? What kind of mother must I be if I feel like I need a break?

So, I found myself posting a message on a board I frequent ( about the current situation and all of my fellow "nesties" gave me excellent advice about how normal it was for me to need some time to myself. However, one "nestie" gave me the best advice which immediately helped me to truly put everything into perspective. She said:

"Think of the most strenuous, exhausting job you can and remember even they get lunch breaks and weekends".

And, she was right.

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