Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tears at Work

So although most of last week sucked beyond belief because I was away from my little boy, I had been doing better this week. Or so I thought...

Monday went by so quickly that it was almost time to pack the kids up and go home when I realized I never made my daily "check in" phone call! Wow!! I went a full day without calling about the baby...

Today was the day before our 5 day weekend so I figured it would be an easy day -- hey, after today I get 5 FULL DAYS with my baby boy - and one of those days includes his first Thanksgiving!!

Well, our school held a "Thanksgiving Feast" today - and all seemed to be going well, until... my class was done eating and we just sat there socializing. I looked around, saw other teachers, aides and nurses feeding, hugging and just truly enjoying the children at the school. I suddenly got very choked up, realizing, that I should be enjoying my OWN child, instead of someone else's child.

I had to excuse myself and go cry. A lot.

Now, of course I know that I went into education so that I could be with other children and help them grow and learn, but being away from my baby is still so raw that at that moment I was so upset to be with those kids instead of my kid.

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Mary said...

completely understood