Saturday, November 8, 2008



[grohs] adjective

Slang. extremely objectionable, offensive, or disgusting:

Synonyms: nasty, unpleasant, repulsive

Well, let me tell you that as a mom (or parent in general) you experience some GROSS things! Things that even days before you officially become a parent would send you running from a room trying to hold down your lunch. Once you cross over into parenthood and hold that baby in your arms the line between "gross" and "acceptable" seems to fade, if not just about diminish.

What do I know about this you ask, Since I've only been a parent for about a month. Well, I already know plenty!

As one of my previous blogs mentioned, I have been peed on countless times, and since that entry the pee-on-mom count has grown in mass proportions.
I thought it would be fun to create a little list of "grossness" :)

Gross things that parents experience on a regular basis....
  • Getting peed on
  • Getting stinky baby poop on your hands when trying to manage dirty diaper and squirming baby
  • Changing a sinky, poopy diaper too quickly - therefore, baby is STILL mid-poop and you are now stuck trying to "catch" the remaining poop in diaper while holding baby's legs!
  • Having baby spit-up on your shoulders as a permanent accessory
  • SPIT UP IN YOUR MOUTH AND ON YOUR FACE (*oh yes, this is true....)

I find it amazing that all of these things have not once triggered my gag reflex...
but then again, I guess it is true that the line between gross and acceptable, or should I say normal has begun to diminish in the land of parenthood.


Mary said...

i am laughing so hard! so true!

Cara said...

I think we accept it because we know our little bundle of joy can't help themselves and we are their only outlet of help. So we suck it up and deal. Definately the raw end of the deal BUT when we get older we can do it to them when we are back in diapers at the local nursing home.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. E --- thanks for the walk down
memory lane. Fajah

Laurie said...

can i add two more "gross" things that we moms experience?
1. changing a diaper in mid-poop, therefore actually seeing your baby poop..
2. your baby is constipated, so you have to do a baby enema and then after about a couple of minutes, see your baby's butt explode all over the changing table and then have to clean it up!