Friday, October 17, 2008

I Did It By Myself!

So, Mr. E has been away on business since Sunday...I have been lucky enough to have LOTS of family help all week. I had my sister stay over, my mother, my father came and my mother-in-law helped too. I was never without help, or the offer of help from everyone in both families.

However, last night I decided I wanted to have a few hours to myself (well, to ourselves- me and Baby E). I took a few hours, watched some TV, listened to music with the baby etc... Then I realized "Hmm...I can probably do the overnight by myself"

So, I tried it.
(It helped knowing that there are a LOT of family members within 10 minutes of my apartment in case I really needed some support)...

Well, WE survived! Baby E had a pretty good night. He was awake a lot - so Mommy is VERY TIRED today but he was awake and NOT screaming - so it was a bargain I was willing to make.
I figured I could happily (sort of) sacrifice the sleep in return for the blood curdling screams that stabs at every mothers heart at 3 a.m.

So-- it was my first attempt at having the baby by myself for an extended period of time - and we both made it through without any catastrophes, doctors visits or crying phone calls begging for help.

In fact, I never felt like I couldn't do it on my own... :)
Of course, I'm not suggesting Mr. E take a vacation any time soon -- but it was just nice to know I did it by myself!


Anonymous said...

Big milestone :-) good job!!!--mary

Leslie said...

Isn't it weird that you'd still be waiting for 10 more days!?! He was ready NOW!

Mrs E said...

Yes, it IS weird- I'm not even due yet! haha