Thursday, August 14, 2008

From the Classroom of A Pregnant Teacher

Working with young children is ALWAYS an adventure, especially when it comes to the things that fly out of their mouths. You just never know what phrases they may spit out, what stories they may tell - in general, you can never prepare for those little gems that they utter to make your day.
I have found that some of the most innocent and humorous statments I've heard this year have all been in regards to babies and my pregnancy.
Now I would like to share few of those gems I referred to earlier.

1) Early in my pregnancy one of my students was trying to sit in between my legs on the floor of the gym. Since he's not always as gentle as one would hope, I simply said "Just be easy. You have to be careful of the baby in there (as I patted my tummy)". He looked quite perplexed and replied "Baby? You're NOT a baby"!. I said, "No, I'm not but I have a baby inside of me" so, he looked at me for a moment before saying "What are you sick or something?"

2) I was sitting near a table where two of my students (a boy and a girl) were playing. The boy patted my belly and asked "Baby in there?". I told him yes there was a baby in there. That's when the girl got up and walked over towards me. She stared at me, then at my stomach, back up at me and back down to my stomach. She then asked "Where's the baby?" So, I pointed towards my bump and said "the baby is in here" and she started to tug at the bottom of my shirt and actually search for the baby in question.

3) My good pal, the little boy who decided I must be sick if I had a baby inside me often asked me to 'listen' to his belly to see if its full (after lunchtime). So, one day after I put my ear near his stomach and declared how full it was he told me he wanted to listen to my belly.
As he put his ear up to my stomach he said "I hear it! I hear it!" I asked him what it was that he heard. He told me "I hear the baby. And he's eating!" Already amused, I decided to push this a little further and asked "what is the baby eating?". Well, this young boy stared at me with a look of disgust - as if it were unheard of that I wouldn't KNOW what the baby was eating. He looked at me a moment longer and said "Uh, he's eating the bones!" (Oh, silly me for not realizing my baby was eating my bones! LOL)

I'm sure that there will be more of those moments to come as I continue to grow and expand throughout the last couple months of my pregnancy!

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