Monday, July 28, 2008

Please move your head.

A little bedtime tale from the world of the E family:

Last night, I spent a few minutes setting up my pillow configuration to try and ensure maximum sleeping comfort. I FINALLY got into bed and position - nice and cozy. Mr. E came to bed right after so we laid there chatting for a while when I suddenly let out a big "OUCH!".

Out of nowhere came this immense pressure and pain on my left side. I started rubbing my side and noticed that there was a really hard lump in the area where I was feeling all of this pressure. Clearly, Baby E was trying to make himself more comfortable - right into my organs!

I grabbed Mr. E's hand and told him to feel his sons head (or rump). After Mr. E had a chance to feel it I started lightly pushing against the spot to try and coerce Baby E to move in another position. Well, Mr. E told me to stop pushing on our sons head! I replied "You wouldn't like it if someone's head was crushing your organs" -

to which Mr. E responded "Yeah but how would you like it if someone just started tapping you and pushing you on top of your head?" (and then he proceeded to repeatedly bop me on top of the head to see how I liked it.)

Well, of course I didn't like it - but I also didn't like my baby's head jamming my sides while I was trying to sleep. So, in the future, Baby E if you could avoid from jamming your head against me like that I'd really appreciate it - and so would my head, since everytime I try to move you it seems your Daddy will try to bop me on the head in retaliation!

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