Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Please Kick Your Father...

Ok, Wait!! I don't really want anyone to go run off to kick their fathers. I just want Baby E to kick his father. Everytime he's bouncing and moving about in there (which is quickly becoming a more and more frequent activity) it's never when Mr. E is able to feel it!

The other night we were laying down watching TV and Baby E kept kicking and moving all about. I had my hand on the outer part of my tummy and I could feel the small bumps with my hand. As soon as I grabbed Mr. E's hand and placed it on the very same spot - NOTHING. No movement. He laid there, and laid there, waiting....waiting for the next kick from his son but he had no luck. So, Mr. E went back to minding his business and watched TV - well, what do you think happened? Of course! Baby E started moving all around again!

Mr. E and I tried the whole hand switch trick (not "letting" Baby E realize my hand and his dad's hand were trading places) but he's too smart for us! Of course he stopped moving again!

This morning (at 5 a.m.) I woke up to such a round of belly kicks, if I didn't know better I'd think there was a kickboxing tournament going on in there. It lasted longer than any of his movement sessions ever have before, in fact I had trouble falling back to sleep because of the commotion. I finally felt him settling down and started to doze off - well, who decided to act up again!?!?

Now, why can't he just do this when Mr. E is eagerly awaiting the first physical contact with his son? I know we still have 3 months, and I shouldn't wish this time away because it really is just the beginning of our interactions with him.

But, just this once, Baby E can you PLEASE kick your father???

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Cara said...

You say you want him to kick Mr. E now, BUT just you may regret saying that once Baby E starts doing The Riverdance inside of you. Mr. E will feel plenty and also SEE those kicks happening to you. I can't wait for THAT blog. lol