Sunday, June 29, 2008

How I spent my Friday night.

Friday started off normal - Mr. E and I were going to take a trip down to Ikea to peruse the merchandies, and stop for a bite to eat. As we were driving down my headache, which I had for most of the day, started getting worse. I thought, I was tired or just hungry. Therefore, we decided to change plans, and eat first.

We ate dinner - and may I add it was exactly the dinner I wanted, sooooo delicious and enjoyable -- about 30 min later I (still with my headache) am feeling very, very queasy. We were heading across the street to Target (we abandoned the Ikea trip) and as soon as Mr. E parks I jump out to vomit in the parking lot. Oh yeah, it was wonderful. So, I get slightly concerned because my entire Monday had consisted of vomiting and not keeping down foods.

We continue into Target to pick up a few items we need - and I'm just feeling more and more lousy. Headache is continuing to worsen (how much worse can it get at this point??), I'm getting dizzy and feeling feverish. I decide lets to go my moms (just 5 min away) for a few minutes. Well, we can't get there fast enough because I jump out of the car and get sick again (a lot), on my moms lawn. (SORRY MOM!!!!)

As I mentioned earlier, I was really sick like this on Monday and the Doctor told me it's probably nothing more than a stomach bug and wait to see what happens. Well, now that its 4 days later and starting again, I'm concerned. So we decide to call the answering service at the OB/GYN to see what they say. The doctor is concerned that it could be either a dehydration issue or preeclampsia (less likely this early in my pregnancy, but still something to check). Sooo, he sent me shuffling off to the Labor & Delivery Triage at the hospital.

Well, the ride was about an hour from my mom's (Yes, there are closer hospitals but this one was closer to my house and its where my doctors deal with so we thought we'd go there)...
I was sick the ENTIRE RIDE. Yes, vomiting the whole trip. It was a nightmare.

Finally, we're at the hospital - approx 10:30 pm. I get taken immediately, and they take my blood pressure (very good, low in fact) , temperature (also normal) and listen for the baby's heartrate. Everything seemed good - I just couldn't stop vomiting or suffering from the excruciating headache. Then someone came to draw blood so they could run some labs. In the meantime, I'm not vomiting as much but it still hasn't stopped altogether.

A while later, not sure what time though - the nurse gave me a pill (Zofran) for the nausea and starts to hook me up to an IV so I can get fluids. Within 30 min, I'm sick again - nausea pill and all. So, the nurse waits until I settle back down and puts the medication for nausea right into the IV. Then, the nurse tells me I will have to stay overnight so that I can get hydrated and monitored for the nausea. So, Mr. E decided that since my mom is there he'll run home, grab some stuff for the night and be back shortly.

More time goes by, I'm feeling slightly better- mainly because my mom and I are spending time eavesdropping on the bed next to mine. - The woman was almost in labor - so there was some very interesting stuff going on over there!

After a while the doctor comes to see me - all tests, labs etc are normal. Its NOT preeclampsia nor was dehydration really concern enough to keep me overnight. So, I got to go home!! It was 2:30 a.m. but I was going to my own bed!

The doctor thinks I just have/had a virus that kicked my butt - and wants me to lay low, eat bland and hopefully it will run its course. I still don't feel fantastic, but I've kept food down the last 2 days. Very boring, bland foods but I won't complain. I have a fabulous looking bruise from the IV - but all in all - I'm ok and Baby E is ok. So, I can deal with the boring foods and bruising for a few days.


Anonymous said...

All in all, good news. There was at least 1 other person who didn't get to sleep until about 3AM. When there were no further phone calls, there was a sigh of relief, assuming all was well.

leslie said...

Pooooor family E!!