Monday, June 30, 2008

Can I Just Blame It On the Pregnancy Brain?

According to "Pregnancy brain is a condition that affects expectant mothers... Sometimes known as placenta brain or baby brain drain, the condition is usually characterized by short-term memory loss or forgetfulness. ...It's understandable that women's emotional levels vary greatly during pregnancy. Hormonal surges, combined with the fact that pregnant women must eat for two and may be getting less sleep, are contributory. A great deal of the mother's time is taken up with thoughts of the baby, so a little forgetfulness is expected."

That being said...

This evening I was preparing a delicious dinner care package of baby back ribs and corn on the cob (from Mr. E's grandmother). I pre-heated the oven, peeked at the ribs to see what was in store for my dinner and started gathering neccessary materials needed to heat up the other side dishes I decided I would make.

When I felt that the oven was appropriately pre-heated I threw the container of ribs into the oven and got to work! I knew they didn't have to be in the oven too long, just enough to get warm. I set the table, put a pot of beans on the stove and started heating up the corn. About 10 minutes later I thought I'd check to see how the ribs were doing since everything else was almost done.

I put on my oven mitts. I opened the stove. I tried to pull out the container with the ribs but it seemed really flimsy. More flimsy than when I put it in the oven. So, I try with two hands. Uh-oh, whats that white stringy stuff coming from underneath??? Yeah, that would be PLASTIC!!!
I don't know HOW I didn't notice that the container holding the ribs was 100% PLASTIC!!

Ahhhhhhhh! That's right, I melted an entire plastic container all over my oven. Yuck! I yelled, and cursed. Mr. E got worried and jumped up, ran into the kitchen to see what happened. He helped me clean it all up - rather, he cleaned it up while I watched him scrape plastic off the oven rack.

Well, we salvaged the ribs - there was NO plastic on them. And I threw them onto a regular cookie sheet to get a little hotter. Mmmmmmmmmm They were DELICIOUS!

Looking back at this little kitchen mishap, can't I just blame it on the pregnancy brain?

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