Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Art of Naming...

Granted, I still have 4 1/2 -5 months before this baby REALLY needs a name - but it would be nice if Mr. E and I could settle on a name beforehand. It does not have to be RIGHT NOW that we need to settle but perhaps before the doctors hand me my baby and ask me what is his/her name. I would prefer NOT to say "OH MY GOD I STILL DONT KNOW!!!" So if not right now, then why, you may ask, am I bothering to discuss this now??


How do I possibly settle on a nice, suitable name for someone else? I mean, I am responsible for trying to name another human being. This isn't a pet where someone can giggle and say "oh thats cute" this is a human boy or girl who's name will travel with them through daycare, preschool-12th grade, college (FINGERS CROSSED!) and the professional world.
Do I really want my child to come back to us and say
"Gee, Mom and Dad you really screwed me when you picked out my name. Thanks a lot a$$holes".
No of course not. So, I have created a secret list of criteria for selecting a name. However, Mr. E told me that he knows what goes through my mind as we choose a name (so I guess it isn't such a secret after all) and if I keep scrutinizing every name so harshly we will NEVER choose one.

Tell me -- whats wrong with this criteria:
Baby E's name should:
  • Not be too ordinary. (*disclaimer: I like ordinary names, but I grew up w/out one and therefore have opted to give my child something less ordinary as well)
  • Not be too unique. I do not want people thinking I totally lost my mind during the naming process. (*another disclaimer: Really, you can name your kid whatever you want. If your dream name happens to be chickachicka boom boom then so be it, but its just not my naming preference)
  • First name may NOT rhyme with our last name
  • The initals (first, middle and last) can NOT spell something that would generate teasing.
  • Be a name that people will take seriously in the professional world.

So really, is that too much? I guess in the grand scheme of things- just pick something I can imagine myself yelling when our kid gets in trouble! (However, I already know my child will be a perfect angel and never get into trouble... yeah right)


Anonymous said...

Remember the name I suggested for a boy -- nothing about all three
initials being the same. It worked
(2/3 anyway) for e.e. cummings :)
Love, Dad

Anonymous said...

Eliana is always a nice name so long as you don't give it a middle name with a Y, W, V, E, K, or Z (eye, ewe, eve, eee, eke, or eze - sound it out) you don't want your daughter known as easy. LOL