Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm not an invalid...

I'm just pregnant.

This weekend was moving weekend. Yup, we moved everything from one apartment into a new 2BR apartment so that we're ready for Baby E's arrival in the fall. Well, there is nothing worse than being totally useless when people are busy milling about doing YOUR job. People were moving boxes, lifting boxes, cleaning floors and appliances plus various other things that needed to get done.

What did I do? Ate a bagel. Packed a few boxes. Made a bagel for hubby and friend. Ate a donut. See the trend here??

So, needless to say I got tired of feeling so useless that I decided to leave the old place with my mom and head to the new apartment. Once we got to the new place mom and I got busy trying to put some of the kitchen stuff away - just as long as I didn't move any boxes!!!

I am so greatful for everyone's help - I just feel like a lame-o for not doing much. However, whenever the next time we move is (hopefully not for a LONG TIME!) I won't be able to let people tell me "Don't tire yourself out, go sit" so I may as well take these days while there here since I'm sure they're numbered.

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Jaime said...

I moved twice during my first pregnancy, and that was SO not fun. Especially during the first trimester when I was a weepy lump-on-a-log. :)