Monday, April 21, 2008

If you want to give me your 2 cents...

..put it in my piggy bank but keep your mouth shut.

OK, this may sound a bit harsh. Well, it probably sounds a lot harsh. I don't mean I don't welcome suggestions and advice from anyone at all - I just mean keep your yap shut if you're just going to make a judgemental statement for the sole purpose of hearing yourself talk.

Over my spring break I felt that I needed some pampering after feeling so crummy during my first trimester. I treated myself to a relaxing pedicure/manicure as well as a hair cut and color.
Upon returning to work today many people noticed the hair change (it's quite drastic, so you would notice). One woman today was harping over the fact that I dyed my hair while pregnant.
"I didn't think you were allowed to" was how she started. Well, now in all actuality, I'm ALLOWED to do anything I want. It may not be recommended during pregnancy, but I can do what I please. (I did not say that, I was just thinking it).

Secondly -- I have been VERY cautious about my actions since finding out I am pregnant - and have done research and/or asked my doctor before acting upon something that may be questionable during this time of my life.

Hair dying is not recommended during the first trimester - but not really for a safety issue. Well, I waited until my second trimester started. My doctor said OK. My research stated that there is NO PROVEN EVIDENCE that hair dying is unsafe. They say that chemicals are less harsh now than they used to be, and that its really the fumes that make some women nauseated. ALSO - due to the hormonal changes in your body hair dye may not take to your hair as it did pre-pregnancy and you have the possibility to end up looking stupid.
So this woman carried on and on about how "I would never have done such a thing while I was pregnant. I just never did any of the extras while pregnant just to be safe." I finally regurgitated all of my 'hair dying is safe while pregnant' factoids that I listed above. She still insisted on telling me how she "never would have done such a thing" Yes, such a thing...a crazy and wild thing that fits right up there with skydiving and alligator wrestling while pregnant.

If I wasn't such a cautious pregnant woman I probably would have launched myself across the table and choked her. But, another co-worker butted in (thankfully) and said "Just relax, she's already done it so don't try to make her feel guilty about it." Not that I do feel guilty about it. Because I don't. At all. But seriously, what was the point in her 2 cents? Really it was so she could hear her voice chastising me for doing something she "would never have done." Which brings me back to my original statement...

If you want to give me your 2 cents, put it in my piggy bank and keep your mouth shut!

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