Saturday, March 22, 2008

9 weeks and counting...

Some interesting tidbits I've already picked up along the way:

  • I'm NOT just fat anymore, I'm pregnant. That makes a huge difference (I don't feel bad eating now!) but...
  • Some of my pants aren't fitting quite right anymore.
  • I'm revisiting adolescence with the ever-cool face breakouts - gotta love 'em. Nothing adds to feeling your best when you're already feeling a little baby-chub (see above) and now you've got some matching zits to go with it.
  • My good friend nausea can strike ANYWHERE at ANYTIME...and it takes no prisoners, let me tell you that.
  • While on the subject of nausea- certain foods will become your worst enemies while others are your best friends. Its just the magic of finding out which one is which that makes it so much more fun!
  • Tired? Tired isn't even the word! I could sleep all day, wake up at 3pm and probably still feel like I was up for 24 hours...

Well...sounds fun doesn't it? I've even left out some of the real charmers...but like I was told

"The reward you'll get in the end will be worth it!"

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