Saturday, March 8, 2008

The 5 Senses of Food....

You may not have realized that there are 5 Senses of Food.
They are the VERY same senses we learn about in school - but these relate directly to food and pregnancy. Follow along, you will soon learn what it feels like to hate food, in fact, I am starting to hate kitchens too because they are the hub of all things food related.

Now, I am queasy all day long. Some moments worse than others. Some moments I am actually physically ill. And I blame it all on the damn 5 Senses of Food:

Sense of:

Sound: This is really the least bothersome one...unless I hear the sound of bacon frying then I know that I will be getting sick shortly. But, most food sounds just prepare me for the other sense thats about to kick in and make me ill. Moving on...

Touch: Again, another one of those catalyst senses that prepares me for the inevitable. I can pick up a sandwich, hold it, flip it over. Feel that the bread is nice and fresh (normally, a plus!) but then I decide MAYBE its too squishy for me. I start to feel a little ill and begin losing interest in said sandwich. And suddenly the nex sense kicks right on in...

Sight: Oh yes, Sight. Just looking at food makes me ill. Could be the sandwhich I was just talking about. Suddenly the meat,lettuce, *insert any sandwich ingredient here* no longer looks appetizing. That in itself makes me nauseous and stop eating.

But thats not just sense of sight you say?? Oh well, what about when a commercial for RUBY Tuesdays comes on advertising their new mini burgers and all of a sudden I'm choking back the urge to get sick. Yeah. Its true - sense of sight can be a nasty one!

Taste: Well, this is a fun one too. Darn it, why are there so many senses that can make us sick?! I LOVE CHICKEN FINGERS! and CHICKEN NUGGETS! and well, chicken! Well, not so much when you excitedly dip a chicken nugget into bbq sauce (hey YOU would be excited to if you thought you could FINALLY eat!) and the moment it hits your taste buds...blechhhhhhhhhh. Dinner over.

Smell: This has got to be the most wretched of all the senses. The food you smell doesn't even have to be your own and you're sick. The sense of smell is by far the nastiest. It makes you so ill that you'll be running from a room before you even enter it.
Smell of bacon cooking? Ick.
Smell of lo mein from the Chinese restaurant? Blech.
Smell of ketchup? (yes, ketchup) Ugh.
Smell of meat in general? Ick. Blech. Ugh.
Smell of my refrigerator? DOUBLE BLECH
In fact, we've cleaned and scrubbed the damn fridge so many times to get the aroma out - the aroma that apparently ONLY I smell, but I'm still convinced something smells so I won't open the fridge without holding my breath.
Oh lovely sense of smell. If it weren't for you I think I may spend a little less time gagging and running away from people at mealtimes.

And that, my friends, are the 5 Senses of food...

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